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How about discovering the pure taste of nature in every sip with Alpin awarded for its supreme taste, which reaches its source seeping through the fertile soils of the Mediterranean Region? 

Alpin completes its natural journey starting from the summit of Taurus Mountains, with its taste and pureness at the well-known Şekerpinari source. It has 100% natural, mineral-balanced and low-sodium texture which is very beneficial to your health, with a pH level of 8.45

While Alpin has all the beauties that exist in the natural life balance in the geographical structure of the Taurus Mountains, it carries the pureness and vitality of its untouched nature to your soul. All you need to do is to feel the nature in your body with each sip you take! 



Deep in the beautiful Pozanti countryside, we draw Alpin fresh from the pristine Şekerpinari close to a legendary pass across the Taurus Mountains, a gateway to ancient Anatolia. The spring’s famous pure and gently sweet tasty water cooled and relieved the travellers who would have passed through the region for centuries. 

We are proud of keeping the tradition of presenting freshness to those who seek the authentic taste, by bringing you the wonderful taste of Şekerpinari spring.

At the summit of the Taurus Mountains, the melting snow water goes on a journey of natural purification, picks up the minerals along its journey and becomes a mineral-balanced, low-sodium structure which is extremely essential for your health

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Did you know that by consuming low sodium water in your daily life, you can balance your sodium intake from the foods you have and help to maintain your health? 

Alpin completes its natural journey starting from the Taurus Mountains, with a unique taste in its source and it helps to balance the daily amount of sodium that your body needs to consume. At the same time, its 100% natural and mineral-balanced texture contributes to protein formation in your body and energy conversion of foods, as well as to boost your immune system.

Inspired by the beautiful Alpin flora of the Taurus Mountains, this extraordinary water comes straight from the heart of nature, naturally filtered to offer one of the nature’s purest and finest spring waters.